Dealing with Condensation

Dealing with Condensation

Dealing with Condensation

Condensation occurs on cold surfaces such as windows, floors and walls. It damages decoration, floor coverings, clothes and bedding and causes mould growth on walls and ceilings. Here are a few tips on how to minimise condensation during the colder months of the year:

  1. Keep all rooms warm and ventilated. If windows are modern double-glazed units always leave them on the security lock to allow ventilation of air. Always use air vents if available.
  2. Keep the kitchen door closed when cooking, use lids on boiling pans. Open windows or use extractor fan where fitted.
  3. Keep the door closed when washing clothes. When drying clothes, open windows or use extractor fans where fitted to ventilate. Do not lay clothes over radiators or heaters directly. If using a clothes airer inside ensure adequate ventilation is used.
  4. Keep bathroom door closed when bathing or showering and open a window or use extractor fan where fitted.
  5. Avoid the use of paraffin heaters and flueless gas heaters in unventilated rooms. Paraffin produces a volume of water equal to the volume of fuel used.
  6. Keep some level of heating on at all times in cold weather.
  7. Keep heating on low if home is unoccupied during the day.

New Buildings

If you have just moved into a new build, be aware that they often take a long time before they are fully dried out. Whilst this is happening, remember they need extra heat and ventilation.

Intermittent Heating

Be aware that intermittent heating also causes condensation to be deposited as the air and surfaces cool.

Extractor Fans

When fitted, extractor fans should be used whenever water vapour is being produced, i.e. cooking, washing, clothes and bathing. Doors and windows should be kept closed when using the fan and it should be left running until any mist clears from the windows.

If the extractor fan is turned on by a light and the extractor fan does not allow a time delay, leave the light on until the room is free from moisture. Also, if using an extractor fan in a bathroom or utility room with a toilet ensure the toilet lid is down.

Tumble Dryers

Other than condensing types all tumble dryers should have the moist air ducted to the outside to avoid any condensation occurring.

If Condensation Has Occurred

1. Mop up as much as possible with as dry a cloth as possible
2. Heat the room
3. Open the window a little
4. Keep the door shut


Issued by the Building Employers Confederation

Added: 5th December 2019

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