Tenants: Your Winter Health Checks

Tenants: Your Winter Health Checks

Tenants: Your Winter Health Checks

As the colder weather approaches, there are a number of easy health checks you can carry out on the property you are letting to ensure you have a hassle-free wintertime.

Heating & Ventilation

Many of us experience occasional black spot mould forming on cold surfaces and in places where air does not circulate readily, especially during the winter months, which is due to condensation. To combat this, you need to achieve an adequate balance of heating and ventilation. Click here for some further guidance on how to tackle any condensation issues.

Don’t forget during colder weather if you are away from the property for any period of time do make sure that the heating is set to come on a couple of times per day to ensure that the pipes do not freeze.

Chimney Sweeping

For those tenants who have an open fire or stove it is important to remember that you are responsible for chimney sweeping during the tenancy, so don’t forget to ensure the chimney is swept by a professional chimney sweep every 12 months. Those tenants in thatched properties may be required to have more regular sweeps and should check their tenancy agreements for details.

Guttering & Drainage

Do check that gutters and downpipes are running freely and that any open waste and rain water traps are clear of debris.

Especially during the winter months our contractors are extremely busy, so do report any maintenance issues as early as possible to give us the best opportunity to resolve urgent issues quickly.

Added: 17th December 2019

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