Selling Your Property Post COVID-19

Selling Your Property Post COVID-19

Selling Your Property Post COVID-19

If you have been planning to sell your house then, with lockdown restrictions and estate agents reopening, now maybe the perfect time to get your house ready to go on the market post coronavirus.

There are four main areas you should address before marketing your home:


  1. Address any minor repairs

    Most homeowners have a list of minor home repairs to do.  So now is the best time to take care of them.  For instance, a fresh coat of paint in the hallway, replacing washers on leaky taps or perhaps a broken fence needs mending.

    Whatever the fixes that need to be done, it is important to get them completed before the house goes on the market, as a well presented home will go a long way to improving potential buyers' opinions of your property and can lead to higher purchase offers.

  2. Declutter

    Lockdown is the perfect time to declutter.  Take a good look at the inside of your home and simplify each room, so potential buyers can see past your possessions and how they may be able to live in the space.

    This is a great way to start packing and get rid of things you no longer need.  It's also one less job to do when you eventually come to move!

  3. Enhance your 'curb appeal'

    The view of your house from the street is the first sight a prospective buyer will have of your home.  So with this in mind pretend that you are that prospective buyer and note down all the things you think would put you off if you were coming to view your property; i.e. overgrown front garden, dirty front door or maybe unwashed windows.

    Take the time to make sure the exterior of your home looks the best it can be.

  4. Sort out the legal bits

    The best time to instruct a solicitor is at the point that you've decided you want to put your house on the market.  If you don't have a solicitor then Dorset Property can help you with this.

    Ensure you fill out the solicitors 'opening pack' including owners questionnaire and ensure your solicitor is satisfied with your ID documentation.  Ideally, it is also worth having your solicitor apply for the local searches to ensure they are readily available for when your buyer's solicitor needs them.  This will avoid delays in the sale process and the cost of these local searches can be passed onto the buyer.

    One last point, in case a buyer pulls out, always ensure your solicitor operates on a 'no sale no fee' basis.

Dorset Property, the estate agent for Dorset, is now ready to safely bring your home to market and help you through a stressfree sale process.


Added: 26th May 2020

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