Property preparation

Property preparation

Property presentation

The lettings market is becoming increasingly competitive. Property companies and professional Buy-to-Let investors have raised quality standards and tenants are becoming more discerning.

It is therefore crucial for all landlords to consider the general standard of their properties and the facilities being offered, in particular the age and condition of kitchens, bathrooms and carpets and the general decorative condition. For long-term landlords, we would recommend setting aside a budget to improve and/or maintain the standard of presentation.

We can advise on presentation and any necessary refurbishment.


Before the initial tenancy starts, if necessary, we arrange for the property to be professionally cleaned. This can include carpets, curtains, windows and chimneys. The initial cost would be charged to the landlord. The outgoing tenant is responsible for subsequent cleaning.


The garden should be weed free and tidy at the start and at the end of each tenancy. It is the tenant's responsibility to maintain the garden whilst occupying a property, as per the schedule of condition. For large gardens or those with a significant number of trees, hedges or shrubs, if a landlord is concerned, we would recommend that a gardener is employed. The allocation of costs can be agreed between landlord and tenant at the outset.

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