Landlord Services

Full management

This is our standard comprehensive service which includes marketing the property, finding a suitable tenant, conducting comprehensive tenant referencing, setting up the tenancy, collecting the rent, chasing any arrears and managing the tenancy and the property.

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Tenant find and rent collection

For Landlords who prefer to be in direct contact with their tenants and manage the tenancy and property maintenance themselves but do not want to get involved in the collection of rent or any financial matters arising, including chasing any late payments or arrears.

Tenant finding only

For landlords who prefer to be in direct contact with their tenants and manage all aspects of the tenancy themselves (including all financial aspects, property maintenance and all dealings with the tenants).

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Why do you need a letting agent?

Letting a property is not quite as straightforward as it might seem. Finding a suitable tenant, collecting rent and managing a tenancy can be complex and time consuming.

The letting industry operates within a strict legal and regulatory framework which embraces property law, health and safety law (including fire, electrical and gas regulations), The Housing Act, The Landlord and Tenant Act as well as general commercial and civil law. This framework is designed to protect landlords and tenants and ensure fairness.

In the event of a dispute between landlord and tenant or where a landlord needs to take possession of a property, there are often set statutory procedures laid down. If the procedures are not followed diligently, the landlord's position could be compromised. Employing a reputable, experienced letting agent offers the landlord relief from this burden of responsibility and peace of mind.

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